Do 30 New Things.

I have a few things to accomplish this year. Nothing life changing but I was watching a video from – Try Something New for 30 days and instead of trying something new for 30 days, I want to challenge myself a little further. Do 30 New Things. (I’m still working on the list and time frame) Maybe 30 new things within the year perhaps. So here’s the 10 right off the top. What’s on your list?

1. Take my PADI license (I’ve been postponing this for a year and went to Gold Coast instead, hah!)

2. Sign up for Italian class

3. Run a marathon (How do people run for fun, I’ll never understand…)

4. Join a Salsa dance

5. Skydive (though this is going to be a lil expensive since I’ll have to fly to NZ or Aussie!)

6. Watch a play at Botanic Gardens (Because I’m a noob and I haven’t watched a play there)

7. Learn to cook a new dish

8. Get my driver’s license (Isn’t a priority but what the heck)

9. Read 50 new books (I have 40 more, any suggestions? I read fantasy but I’m open to suggestions :))

10. Go on a volunteer holiday programme.



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