Let go and Let god…

I’ve figured out the best way to get over someone/breakup.

And pushing ourselves into going out doesn’t help when all we want to do is stay home and mourn. It’s really down to one thing and that is: Let the breakup take its course. The other day I was forced to go out and guess what happened? I broke down in the bus. Spectacular failure.

I was desperately searching for a paperbag to throw over my head if for no other reason than to hold onto bits and pieces of my shredded dignity. 

So rather than go out, stay home. What I needed  to do was cry and I would’ve preferred the privacy of my room and also an endless supply of tissue paper. Yesterday, I cried. I cried so much I think I concussed. I woke up today feeling like a train wreck, but because I cried everything out, I felt better. At least, no more office breakdowns. 

So now, I’m letting go. After all, there’s a saying ‘Let go and let God’ right? Let’s see. I’m sure sooner or later, we’ll get sick of the state we’re in and we’ll crawl out from wherever rock we were finding solace. Till then, I’m going to mourn my broken heart.



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