My mum’s advice

My mom gave me an hour long lecture/advice last night. I thought I’d share it because sometimes we need to be reminded. Mums. What will we do without mothers. I love her :)So this is what my mum said:

Save your love for a man who’ll accept & overlook your silly flaws. That’s kindness. And reciprocate. Love him back and accept his flaws. Things will fall into place when there’s kindess in love. 


We know this but sometimes in the face of love, we lose sight of ourselves and sometimes, a little bit of our dignity. I still miss him deeply everyday and wonder if he even thinks about me but I guess if he did, he would have reached out. So I’m going to miss him but I’m also going to get over him. So easy to say. But I’ll try. 


Happy weekend, everyone. 


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