Read your adventure

I never knew I was good at English until my teacher expressed his amazement when he found out that I had scored the highest in my English papers. I was equally surprised. Before this, I had always thought of myself as an average student. I still think I’m average. I was never the high-flyer, the valedictorian, the smart-ass or the class nerd. I was the kid no one really knew. I wasn’t an awkward student – I just didn’t participate much. I had my own circle of friends; misfits to say the least.

This stemmed from an insecurity, which has afflicted me all through my school years and to some extent, now, even as an adult. In primary school it was for being dark. In secondary school, it was for gaining weight and resembling a cow (in my own opinion at least). So the only possible way was to attract as little attention as possible. I am happy to report that I no longer look like Daisy’s half sister but spoken words can be toxic and scars last forever. Mooooo.

So, when my English teacher finally took notice of me, I had already assumed I was average at everything and I was more interested in reading my storybook hidden underneath my school text books.

Oh, people talk about time travel but books, books can pick you up and hurl you into adventures unbeknownst to many, especially teachers.
The spell is known as reading and the magic; books. Books were my secret portal into numerous worlds. The first time my mum read to me, I was one of the rats in Cinderella’s kitchen. It was only the beginning, so I started as a humble rat. I’ve transformed since then.

As I started reading voraciously, I discovered a super power within, waiting to engulf and consume me whole ; my imagination. I could lift a veil and step inside wherever I wished to go. I was a heroine on a midsummer’s day; I said no to a man and went my way. I was a wallflower when spring came; no suitors glanced my way but Darcy fell head over heels in love with me. And Boo? Boo Radley was a true friend, a gem of a man.

I’ve felled many goblins with D’rizzt Do’ Urden, gone on countless expeditions with Harry and the Marauder’s Map. I’ve followed the second star to the right, straight on till morning to Neverland, where I met Peter Pan, and became friends with Hook, who’s simply misunderstood.

I was just a girl here but in my books, I commanded troops and laid waste to brutes. I was, of course, a benevolent leader; the epitome of justice and the tender flower of blossoming kindness.

Reading and books saved my life, expanded my world, drew a canvas made of stardust and words, and allowed reality to be tolerable. Reading taught me many valuable lessons in life that school failed to impart. Books became my wings, which is constantly lifting me toward my dreams. Higher and higher. I am doing what I love most today because I read. Because of books. For this, I’ll forever be grateful to my mum. The force behind my greatest love; books.


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