Of getting lost and finding myself

Of getting lost and finding myself

I wish I had enough guts to do what this man did. To quit my job, sell off my possessions (which I don’t really have, apart from my books – and let’s face it, those are no longer considered anything of value to many now) and find myself in a country far removed from developed countries, skyscrapers, materialism and to get lost without a destination in mind. Like Lewis Carroll said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” I’m sure I’ll also eventually find myself. 

If I could leave everything behind without guilt, I would pack my essentials and go in search of the most beautiful sunset or trek across China, Nepal, India. I’d go back to Sri Lanka’s beautiful Hill Country for a hiking trip and immerse myself with the people and culture; which I didn’t get to do last time. I’d love to stargaze without having to sneak out like the last time, explore the different tea plantations stacked side by side, with all the shades of green coming together to create a sea of greenery.

My Japan trip in October will be a small step toward my goal. And to do everything the travel guidebook says not to do. I refuse to conform to a few writers’ experiences. I’ll make my own. 


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