Future of publishing

Future of publishing


I grew up around books; walking into a bookstore filled with tomes of books has a calming effect on me. I love the smell of old books. You know that smell. It’s the smell of autumn (if autumn had a smell, I cannot imagine anything except that of sweet old books). 

I like the idea of e-books. For one, it’s lightweight. And could possibly carry the entire collection found in the Library Of Congress. But it’s cold to touch and loses the warmth that books provide.

Books are a haven for lost souls, tired wanderers and jaded minds. Something about holding a book close, the sound that comes from turning a page and the satisfaction or sense of despair you get, when you’re down to the last few pages – these multi-sensory experiences are irreplaceable. An e-book reader serves its perfunctory role as a device, but falls flat on its screen on an emotional level; it doesn’t embrace me in its e-pages.

And the future of publishing is moving rapidly into the cold, sterile arms of digital. 



4 thoughts on “Future of publishing

  1. Thank you! I read a quote once that I truly believe in “Books are humanity in print.” by Barbara W. Tuchman. I only hope that print will not completely be eradicated by e-books.

  2. I never get sick of the feeling of paper between my fingers!

    But…I also have a PDA chock-a-block full of e-books! Why? Because you can’t fit a book in your jeans pocket! It’s the best way of filling in those 5 minutes waiting at the doctors, sitting on a bus, waiting at the pub for a friend to show up…

    • That’s the only reason why I’d consider buying a kindle (but I’m really trying to put that off as long as I can). Like most women (I think), I hardly leave home without a bag, so I always carry a book. I do rely on my iPhone occasionally, but it’s never the same.

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