Men, I’ve had enough.

Dating is a mind-numbing game with rules that flip inside-out like a capricious bitch. It’s enough to drive a single girl crazy. I mean do I text him? And if he replies a day later, does that mean he’s not interested? Because if you’re enamoured by someone, you don’t ignore them. These words are passed on by a sacred group called Sisterhood. And yet, some men say they DO ignore the girls for a few days to give an impression that they’re playing it cool. You want cool? Oh, why don’t you just freeze over already. 

So many questions spin out of control, and way too many ambiguous answers that only lead to more questions. Some men say they like the chase, other’s not quite as much. If the girl responds immediately, she’s too eager, therefore clingy. If she doesn’t respond too enthusiastically, he’ll tell himself that he has tried, but since she didn’t bite the bait, he’ll go fish elsewhere.

No matter how old I am, this is probably the only game in the world with more rules than a bloody insurance policy. And even insurance policies ensure you’re covered. More or less. How many times do we have to put our necks on the line, our hearts on our sleeves, and our sanity questioned over and over again. Sometimes it’s too much trouble. No wonder, we’re turning to cats. 


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