3 more days

In keeping with the tradition of every holiday, my biggest fear will be realised after the vacation; the battle of the bulge. I went to Gold Coast last year, and came back with more than just chocolates and grain waves. This time I’m determined not to make the same mistakes. Already my jeans are tight from lack of exercise (bloody patellar tendonitis). Ouch. As I’m typing this, my right knee just protested vehemently by sending waves of mind-numbing and stinging pain. I miss BodyPump. So, no drinking cheap wine by the bottle (oh yes…sacrilegious, I know), stuffing one’s face with Domino pizza (Gold Coast had this awesome Tuesday Domino promotion), and chocolates. I mean this is Japan. Land of the healthy, tofu-eating, seaweed nation right? I’ll just have to religiously avoid places that sell Hokkaido Ice cream by the tubs (did I mention that I’m going to Hokkaido?), Royce Chocolates and every other yummy pastries that the Japanese are so fond at perfecting. I’m not sure all the loss of sleep will be worth it.  Yes, I think about what I’ve eaten for the day at night and make feeble promises to not repeat the same gluttonous mistakes the next day. Naturally I forget and the cycle goes on.

I need to keep gluttony under lock and key. Preferably locked with no key in sight. 


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