These 45 Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads Will Make You Glad To Live In 2013

Wow. As a copywriter, I can only say some of the headlines here are atrocious. I mean, the misogynistic idea apart, some of the headlines are trite and honestly, vanilla. Keep her where she belongs and do you still beat your wife?, just no.

Thought Catalog

There are times when I feel pretty good about living in today’s society, and this is one of them. While doing research on racist ads last week, I found just as many vintage advertisements that were shockingly sexist, in a way it would be a lot harder to get away with today. (Just ask Belvedere Vodka.) From beating (#14, #28, #34) and murdering (#6) your wife to sexual assault overtones (#37), all’s fair in the ad game.

Here are 45 vintage ads that may make you want to rage quit the internet today. Prepare your brain. [tc-mark]

1. Leggs

2. U.S. Navy

3. Subaru

4. F.S.C.

5. Parker

6. Pitney Bowes

7. Captain Morgan

8. Kellogg’s

9. Kenwood

10. Dorothy Gray Salon

11. Tipalet

12. Panasonic

13. Lux

14. Chase and Sanborn

15. Hardee’s

16. Warner’s

17. Palmolive

18. Chemstrand Nylon

19. Brown

20. Datacomp

21. VanHeusen

22. Volkswagen


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