Turkey, I’m coming.

Just seconds before writing this, I jumped up and down for joy [still gasping for air – need to hit the gym despite my patella tendonitis]. Why? Because I’m going to go Turkey!!!! (I try not to use too many exclamation marks, but this deserves three or more) It’s so much cheaper to go Turkey with Saudia Airlines, just $600. Thank you, Kayak.com. 

I just texted a friend and asked her – “March or April, Turkey? It’s 600SGD”. I know she’s going to jump, too. Ohmygod, Turkey. Edit: 10 minutes later she replied: “WHAT!!! CHEAP!!!” And that she has a two weeks break in April!! (deserves “!!” too)

The country between Europe and Asia, the colours and cultures of two distinctively different worlds, Hagia-Sophia, rich Ottoman history and the heart of the Byzantine Empire. 

Already planning my next holiday. I love this.


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