Two weeks more to New Mexico and New York!

Remember my solo trip to Japan? I remember it like it happened yesterday. All I have to do is close my eyes and travel through dust, colours, space and time to a breezy autumn day where I met a lovely couple in Otaru. Sometimes I believe the universe works in mysterious ways; a serendipitous meeting halfway around the world is one of them. I mentioned Ray and Satoko in my earlier post, they were the couple I explored Otaru with for an entire day after a fortuitous train ride.

I spoke about my fascination with the cosmos, planets, galaxies and above all, the simple pleasure of camping and stargazing – something Singapore will never offer. And he described the most beautiful skies from his porch and told me to plan for a trip to US next to visit him and Satoko. I politely acquiesced and put it out of my mind because I thought he was just being nice, you know, offer without any real intention of fulfilling it. How delightfully wrong I was!

In 2 weeks time, I’ll be flying over to New Mexico, Arizona to stay with Ray and Satoka-san. Words can’t adequately express my excitement. I’ll be hiking with them, and we’ll be camping outside their house to stargaze at night – which by the way is at the foot of Gila National Forest. More than three million acres of beautiful, rugged landscape and wilderness. It’s the heart of old country.

Part of my trip includes traveling back in time (no TARDIS or Dr Who), where outlaws and bounty hunters rained bullets on each other, leading or ending to epic victories and deaths. I believe I’ll be staying in Silver City where Native Indians prospered and thrived before their land was…taken. A famous Apache Indian Chief lived there, Geronimo. More of him later but Silver city, where Ray and Satoko live has the second highest population of Native Americans after Alaska, something which I am quite excited about.

I’ll also be visiting Tombstone, a place steeped in history as old as civilisation. One of the greatest gang fights took place at Tombstone, led by Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday against gunslinging frontier outlaws. Then off to Bisbee, and down to Gila National Park. I knew there was a reason I loved reading cheesy romance set during the civil war, deep in the south with cowboys, gunslingers, Native Indians, bounty hunters and lawmen in spurs. I fell in love with Regency romance after that, but I do have a soft spot for western historical romance. (Next year, to see England and Scotland, of course) I’ve stopped reading romance and returned to fantasy where dragons rule, but hey, once in a while, every girl deserves a non-committal fictional lover – minus the utter 50 shades of rubbish. Now that I’m done rambling…I can’t wait to walk the roads that Billy the Kid and his cronies ruled, and follow the footsteps of Wyatt Earp – metaphorically.

After a week of southern hospitality, I’ll be flying off to New York for a different kind of therapy. A peregrination of museums, parks, historical landmarks and…shopping and Broadway! Plus, I can’t wait to see The Cripple of Inishmaan; I’ve read such amazing reviews about Daniel Radcliffe’s performance and I’ll finally be 5 rows away from him. I can’t believe all these will happen in 2 weeks time. I’ve waited 8 months for this trip and I think Time is on a stately SLOW march, moving at a glacial pace. A good friend will be flying over from Singapore to meet me in New York and we’ll be having our first girls’ city trip together. It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to check out the scene; blues bars, live music, great food and to have a slice of the Big Apple.


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